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Use HSM Shredders And Enhance Your Businesses Security

Use HSM Shredders And Enhance Your Businesses Security

First off identity theft is an increasing squeeze and new levels of shredding security are demanded by law. Various industries are trying to adjust to increasing security regulations. This is proving to be a profitable market for shredder manufacturers that can meet that demand. As hospitals, schools, and similar service businesses have great responsibility in protecting their clients from identity theft. A need for quality shredders is ongoing and HSM shredders have been able to fill that need.

HSM of America is a company that makes all it's parts in America and has been a shredder manufacturer for over 30 elderliness. This company makes paper shredders of various security levels that will work in a number of settings. Since HSM comes so highly recommended and has been so successful let's take a closer look at their products.

Since 1981 HSM has developed into one of the top paper shredder manufacturers in the United States and Germany. One of the reasons for their fruition is their products are of great quality and range of products to meet the needs of home users, government and commercial users too.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals by law are required to pin down of documents in a reasonable and effective way. The records that contain recognized patient scoop such as social security numbers, medical history, insurance, and cash records have to be handled securely and responsibly even when disposed. HSM shredders come in a unfathomable range of security levels that meet the requirements for even the highest levels of security required for these facilities.

Currently one of HSM is presenting a line of shredders that contain unique features. The Offis Life series of shredders Let's take a closer look at some of the differentiating models and their features.

The Offis Life Profipack 400 has a low hope requirement and can fit on a table top. It supine shreds heavier types of paper and even cardboard. This shredder would be a perfect fit in industrial warehouse or shipping offices

Offis Life 2677 Strip Cut Shredder is rugged and will destroy any documents but will also shred CD's, floppy disks, and credit cards.

The Offis Life Model 2777 Shredder has automatic start stop functions and is mobile as it has small wheels and can be relocated undoubted easily. Because of the wide 12 inch throat it can easily accept big capacity jobs and not jam as easily as the narrow throat shredders. This idea works great with multiple users in large departments.

Offis Vitality Model 3877 Shredder works well in continuous shredding when capacity is a must. It's continuous shredding ability makes it a good performer when large amounts of paper, such as forms are fed to present This shredder would be an asset to any office department.

The Offis life 4277 is a cross glacial shredder that is durable and can shred up to 35 sheets per pass. With the wide 16 " throat incarnate has a fantastic through put advantage. With the wide throat it can surmise the larger shred jobs with minimal paper jams. This heavy duty machine will complete the shredding jobs for moiety office.

Your shredder security program will be enhanced by using these great products. HSM offers a wide variety of uniquely designed shredders. We briefly looked at a few of the models here. Check out the 60 different models and find the ones that suit your offices needs. You should have no problem making a selection. HSM has been making shredders for now thirty years and it's list of satisfied customer continues to grow.


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