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How Paper Shredding Can Keep You From Breaking The Law

How Paper Shredding Can Keep You From Breaking The Law

Identity theft has become a concern of everyone as more people become victims of this vicious crime. Shredding documents containing personal information is now mandatory by law. Failure to shred properly could lead to hefty fines and penalties. In 2005 the disposal behest which is a part of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ( FACTA ) came into effect which discusses responsible approach of documents containing private tip. Let's take a look at some of the issues surrounding paper shredding laws and how they could impact you.

The FACTA ruling sometime says that if you maintain or maintain personal information of anyone, it is mandatory that you take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized use of the discarded information. So irresponsibly throwing documents containing personal information of anyone in the trash giving easy access to information thieves could procreate you a law breaker.

As an example you may hire a professional baby sitter and would have personal information about her, such as name, phone number, and social security number. You would be held responsible as to how you use that information as well as, disposing of any related documentation.

By failing to observe this law resulting in an employee's stolen identity as a result of your negligence, he could recover damages of up to $1, 000. Multiply that per employee if slick are more than one. When a group of employes are involved they could form a class action suit against you. The fines can be pricey for both state and federal offenses as federal fines could be up to $2, 500 per incident.

By taking reasonable steps to shred documents properly it would be easy to comply with the new law. Adjacent all that is the object of the whole anti identity theft movement is for each one to take the proper steps to prevent identity theft.

Other means of destroying documents may work well, but may not be practical. You could burn or pulverize the documents but shredding has emerged as the by much practical way to comply with this security issue.

When considering a shredder you would need to consider the most effective and affordable way this could be accomplished. Paper shredders for home or small offices come with different features.

Since security is the issue when considering a paper shredder you may want to get the machine that provides the best shelter for the price. Shredding technology is constantly improving and one such improvement has been with the cutting styles, The strip cutting techniques are not as secure as the cross cutting or confetti shredders. Shrewd thieves have been known to reconstruct documents from shreds so that would certainly be a security threat.

If you are budget minded you may find a capable shredder at Wal Bazaar that would satisfy your needs. One of the most popular shredder brands Fellowes is sold there. Fellowes Powershred series consists of 10 models that offer the confetti or cross cut shredder style of cuts. These machines are highly recommended by reviewers. There are many other comparable brands to consider at reasonable prices.

Complying with these new shredding laws will help the home user and small business owner discount fines and legal complications. Your employees and friends will own their personal information protected. Today having good shredding habits just makes good sense.


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