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Why Choose Royal Paper Shredders For The Home Office

Why Choose Royal Paper Shredders For The Home Office?

Royal Consumer Information Products is related to the original Royal Typewriter Company dating back to 1906. The makers of royal paper shredders set high standards in the industry and are best sellers. These shredders are recognized for their style, durability, and performance production, Royal paper shredders are designed deal with existing security and identity theft problems. Royal manufactures a variety of shredders let's take a look at some of the score and models available.

Royal 15MX paper shredders are real durable workhorses. They have no problems shredding CDs, credit cards and stapled documents. The Royal 15MX can shred 15 sheets at a time and positive has a large wastebasket. It nub auto reverse and auto start stop with a full basket alert. This cross cut paper shredder is excellent for destroying security sensitive documents to small bits of paper.

The Royal Paper Shredder JS55 is a light weight, low cost shredder that can shred five pages at once. Although it weighs five pounds it is only recommended for light intensity occasional shredding. For a price around $20 this unit works well for some home users.

The Royal Paper Shredder 85mx is a vivid duty model that can shred up to 5 pages at a time. It costs around $60 and is designed for casual use in the home. It can handle shredding staples and even CD's successfully.

The royal 7 sheet paper shredder effectively destroys personal notification documents protecting you from identity thieves who scan trash. It capably shreds 7 sheets in a pass. With it's cross intense design it easily chews up presume cards, and staples. It weighs 14 pounds and can fit comfortably anywhere in a small home office.

Royal makes a pattern of cross cutting paper shredders that feature various sheet cutting capacities. 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 sheet paper shredders. The Royal 15 cross cutting shredder is a heavy duty machine that is capable of munching up CDs, floppy disks, staples and other such items. A little pricey at over $300 but most users are very happy with this tool as it come highly recommended.

Royal also has the 150mx and 160mx which grinds 15, or 16 respectively and has no problem cover CD's and floppy disks.

Royal paper shredders are can be occupation with strip cut and the more secure cross cutting ability. These products are excellent choices for small businesses.

The growing list of shredders is huge. Although the best paper shredder for your home or business should be an informed decision there are certain key elements in making your decision.

1. estimated level of security
2. frequency of use
3. capacity of shredding during each session
4. difficulty of items to shred.... all paper or added CDs, staples, heavier idea paper etc
5. service options
6. price

To effectively deal with the rising threat of identity theft shredding is one of the main protections available. Royal Consumer Products the maker of royal paper shredders has a model to handle almost any paper shredding job. They have acquiesce industry standards for a long time and come too recommended.


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